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Jo Ann Sweeney PSYCH-K Balance



I am excited to be part of your journey for a better life. My name is Jo Ann Sweeney.


I have spent the better part of my adult life searching for answers to many of life’s mysteries.

I have always been fascinated by the power of the mind for as long as I can remember. The mind over matter belief has always resonated with me. I have read countless books on this topic, all falling short without requiring rigorous study and practice methods. It wasn’t until I read Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton that I discovered a method that easily allowed me to reprogram limiting beliefs that I held unconsciously.


This process is called a PSYCH-K® Balance.  This body of work enabled me to determine what beliefs I held in my subconscious mind that prevented me from moving outside of my comfort zone. It took me off auto pilot into new possibilities and greater awareness.


I had always considered myself one of the lucky ones that truly enjoyed their careers. I have been a hairstylist for 27 years and a massage therapist for the last 13 years. My connections with my clients brought great contentment.  I loved always leaving my clients knowing that they felt better in some capacity after seeing me. Once I discovered PSYCH-K® I immersed myself in my own transformation. It truly changed my life. I had discovered my life’s purpose and passion. I was finally able to DISCOVER what beliefs I held and easily transform them.  It was so simple, fast, and easy.  I felt entirely different after just a few balances.  It opened the doorway to greater possibilties for me. It changed my outlook, it changed my life, and it changed my world.


I absolutely love working with people, assisting them in aligning their subconscious programs with their conscious goals. I have witnessed so many shifts taking place in the lives of my clients.  The sky is the limit for possibilities using this protocol. 

I would be honored to be a part of your journey back to wholeness. 

I have had the gift of conducting hundreds of private sessions both in person and remotely.  This brings me immense joy as I continue to witness the shifts and transformations of my clients. I realized that I could make a much larger impact in helping to create a more loving and peaceful world by teaching this body of work to others. Attending a workshop allows participants to hold the tools in their hands, as it was put into mine when I attended.


In 2017 I became a certified PSYCH-K® Instructor.   This has brought a level of bliss and gratitude that is indescribable. Words cannot convey the gift of this work. I am honored  to be able to teach others the power within.  PSYCH-K® is the key that allows you to realize your highest potential.


This is my passion.  This is my calling.  This is a sacred gift to humanity.  This is what the world needs now more than ever!



I was introduced to Jo Ann through a colleague who was so excited after training in Psych-K. I then set up an in person meeting, and experienced the thrill of Psych-K for myself. It was powerful and incredibly uplifting . In an hour and a half we addressed and balanced several areas that have been ongoing areas of  struggle in my life . After doing the balances with Jo-Ann I felt much lighter, freer and more alive! I went home excited and curious.

Since the changes that we worked on seemed to stick I signed up to train with Jo Ann for the Basic workshop. The experience was fabulous! In three days we learned to do balances on each other and on ourselves. I could feel the changes over the weekend in both myself and the others in the group! Jo Ann was a wonderful teacher and facilitator. She was clear, kind, empathic and supportive. She created a safe loving space to explore this new modality. 

As a trained psychiatrist who’s been in private practice for 20 years, I was amazed at how quickly changes were felt. It was an empowering and incredibly uplifting experience!

I just signed up for the advanced workshop as I see the value and power in this technique.

I am grateful to Jo Ann for her wonderful teaching skills, warmth and support. I am eager and extremely excited to incorporate these skills into my psychiatric practice, as well as continuing to use them in my day to day life.

Elizabeth A.

I have been so mind blown after our session, it's still so hard to believe my life has taken a full 360 degree turn. I'm in shock and its all I can talk about I have suffered from anxiety, self esteem issues, lack of confidence and communication. After our session I have been so confident and fearless I see my beauty and worth, I have even started many conversations outside and in the grocery store. I don't even recognize this person lol. People around me are commenting on the changes and my friend who drove me there is interested in psych k now. I just can't thank you enough but I'm like still in shock, weird thing is it really hit me hard yesterday when I woke up its like something major shifted even after the shifts I experienced during the session and I keep feeling changes and new revelations. I know I'm ranting on but after all the years of suffering it feels amazing to experience this new perception and outlook on life. I'm hopeful and can't wait to share this magic with all those I come in to contact with after the workshop.



Jo Ann is a very talented PSYCH-K® facilitator and has had a powerful impact on all who work with her, by creating an environment where big shifts in mental programming happen almost effortlessly. The ability that I find most impressive, is her intuition when tuning in to each person she assists with her PSYCH-K® process. Whether she works by phone, remotely, or in person, she easily locates the self-limiting beliefs that are creating resistance for each person that keep them from realizing their fullest potential, with her laser-sharp, mindful focus. Her consistent accuracy in locating these self-sabotaging subconscious blocks makes her a delight to work with! The resulting breakthroughs are the truest testimony of her unique talent. Jo Ann knows how to empower others and enjoys sharing her heart-felt commitment to create a safe climate where transformation is simple, easy and best of all, fun!



Jo Ann is a warm and compassionate person who maintains a high level of integrity. She creates an atmosphere of trust and is a great listener. Jo Ann helped me identify changes I wanted to make in my life and guided me towards reaching my goals. Working with Jo Ann was a constant source of motivation, encouragement and support. It has truly been a positive experience.



I am so grateful that Jo Ann introduced PSYCH-K® into my life.  It was exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed it.  She is very intuitive and quickly helped me identify the areas in my life where I was feeling stuck and made me feel so comfortable that I was able to face many of my personal demons in a healthy proactive way.  After working with Jo Ann, I felt a sense of calm and clarity and have been amazed how things in my life now align to help me reach my personal and professional goals.  I look forward to sessions with Jo Ann every chance I get as it allows me to check in and literally identify and remove obstacles.  I would say that a few sessions with her has the potential to accomplish more than months and months of traditional therapy."


Jenette Jurczyk

Wife, Mother, Writer, Actress, Philanthropist, Business Woman

I have been working with Jo Ann for the past year on a number of chronic issues and I have simply been wowed by the results. As a career skeptic, I'm often incredulous to many alternative approaches to health and well being. However, Jo Ann's calming and grounded approach assuaged my doubts and gave me the mental and emotional bandwidth to allow her to begin her work with me. While I started to feel a shift during the process, my skeptical brain kept going back to the notion that this was simply placebo. Yet, days later, I just couldn't deny the fact that I was feeling so much better on so many different levels. She is highly intuitive and can zero-in rather quickly on what your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs are; I didn't realize just how many I had!! I will say that, while I don't understand why or how PSYCH-K® works, I can honestly attest to the fact that it DOES work (at least with Jo Ann.) Lastly, I live in Boston, so I'm thrilled that she is able to offer her services remotely to continue to build on progress we've made.


Frank Sutter 

Harvard Business School

I have known Jo Ann for many years, and I always enjoy our in-depth conversations. So when I saw her commitment and enthusiasm for PSYCH-K®, I was intrigued. The balance that Jo Ann did with me was easy and effective. I identified areas that I wanted to work on during our session, and I left feeling better than I had in a long time. Jo Ann is a wonderful facilitator, kind, patient and tuned-in. It was a great experience.


Karen Muessig

I’ve known Jo Ann for many years. As we talked one day, she knew I was struggling and that I felt out of control and overwhelmed trying to reorganize my home.. She offered PSYCH-K® as a way to help me. This experience enhanced my life .


 I had recently moved back to my home of 25 years after a 3 year absence. There were “messes” everywhere. I could barely walk in my basement because of all the extra stuff now stored there. My spare room had become filled to the brim with anything that didn’t have a home or needed to be sorted. I had boxes of paper in my office. My closets were jammed full of “stuff”, most of which either didn’t belong there or needed to be gotten rid of. I was totally overwhelmed and felt defeated before I even began.


I had 2 coping skills: procrastination and overeating which led to more fatigue and more procrastination and more overeating--that vicious cycle that ensures you continue to fail at any endeavors.


After meeting with Jo Ann for a PSYCH-K® session, I was amazed that I was actually able to start organizing my home. It was exciting to see my steady progress and my increased motivation to keep moving forward. Procrastination was a thing of the past. I also noticed an improvement in my eating patterns (which were also addressed with PSYCH-K®).


I am happy to say that my house is fully organized. This process is amazing! I am so grateful to Jo Ann for facilitating these ongoing changes in my life!


Thank you Jo Ann for impacting my life in so many positive ways with PSYCH-K®.


Judy Jaheriss

I cannot express my appreciation fully in this testimony because there were so many shades and nuances to uncover with my session with Jo Ann.  She is so kind, gentle with a keen sense of the human spirit. I was quite astounded at her deep intuitiveness and really thought nobody could understand the level of consciousness that I was on, but she proved me wrong.  The connection was incredible and so is her wisdom.  This connection made my elevation to a higher consciousness more validated and sent me to a safe place in my transition and secure transformation.  Like I said, I can't say enough about Jo Ann except to have a session with her and you will concur with my sentiments.  With heartfelt gratitude



I attended a live PSYCH-K® session with Jo Ann at her office and it was a life changing experience for me! The session was well worth the 1.5 hour drive. Jo Ann is a warm and engaging teacher who makes you feel comfortable throughout the process. If you're struggling with blocks in your life that you just can't seem to get passed Jo Ann's guidance will help you break through these blocks and get you on a path to internal happiness.



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